Plasterboard Partitions

Plasterboard is the most widely used material for office partitions. The benefits of using the steel stud and plasterboard system are outlined below.

  • Individual components such as steel studs, steel tracks, plasterboard sheets and plasterboard accessories can be transported on relatively small trucks to allow easy access to office buildings. From here they can be loaded up stairs or elevated to higher levels in passenger lifts.
  • These lightweight components can be erected over any existing floor structure such as steel, timber or concrete without additional structural engineering.
  • The finished partition provides an attractive seamless surface ready for decorating with paint, wax, paper, vinyl, fabric, timber, metal, plastic and ceramic tiles.
  • Water resistant plasterboard can be used to construct change rooms, kitchens, toilets and washrooms.
  • Partitions can also be constructed with particle board, steel sheet or steel mesh sub-surfaces to provide various levels of security.
  • Plasterboard partitions are strong enough to support shelving, whiteboards, overhead hampers, AV screens etc.
  • The steel studs have grommeted perforations to allow the reticulation of power and data cabling.Insulation can be installed into the cavity between the sheets to provide acoustic or thermal insulation.
  • Fire rated studs and sheets can contain fires for up to 2 hours to satisfy the most stringent fire safety regulations